Blended Job! Market Rates?

The recent “great recession” affected both employees and employers in a number of ways including the creation of blended* jobs. These multipurpose positions have been around for a long time but became a bit more common as organizations were forced to reduce staff but still get all the work done. As a result remaining employees were assigned added responsibilities that, sometimes, were vastly different from their normal routine.

Now the economy has improved and salaries are on the upswing but employers are hanging on to those blended jobs. Market data for blended jobs, however, isn’t always easily available, until now …

Blended_Job_2The website I work with in my day job,, has a new tool built into its Salary Finder that allows employers to easily combine market data for two or more different jobs into one blended rate based on the weighted data for each element of the position.

I began blending salary data as an HR Director years ago but it was a cumbersome time-consuming process that required spreadsheets, formulas—you get the picture. With this new tool, however, a few clicks is all it takes to get a market-based rate for any blended job.

Give it a try. I think you’ll like not only how easy it is to use but also how effective it is at providing valid market data for these difficult to assess jobs.



*Also known as hybrid jobs, combination jobs, multifaceted jobs.

Please share your thoughts.

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