2014 Performance Management Survey

The results are in and show that 91.9% of the organizations represented by the 1,481 participants in BLR’s 2014 survey on performance management conduct performance appraisals! Overall performance is measured by 80.7% of survey participants and specific attributes are measured by 47.2%. Completion of specific goals is a measurement criterion for 50.9%.

Performance evaluations accomplish their intended goal most of the time for 47.5%. They are great in theory but nearly impossible to implement for 28.6% and 4.3% believe they are not a good idea so would like to abolish them altogether.

Conducting all reviews at the same time is preferred by 47.2% and 29.8% prefer that they be spread throughout the year. A combination is preferred by 15.6% and 7.4% had no opinion one way or the other.

When setting individual performance pay factors, employees are heavily involved for 6.8% of our survey participants and somewhat involved for 18.9%.

HR’s responsibility for the performance appraisal process varies but several functions were widely practiced, including:

  • Formal training for supervisors or evaluators, 50.8%
  • Reviewing all evaluations, 54.5%
  • Filing the paperwork, 56.9%
  • Informal coaching for supervisors/evaluators, 60.3%

For a more details from this year’s performance management survey, go to Compensation.BLR.com to view the executive summary.


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