2016-2017 Pay Budget Survey – Highlights

The survey, conducted in May, provides data from 555 participants on their 2016 pay raises and their increase budgets for 2017.

2016 Merit Increases

2016_PB_2016_Exempt_IncreasesThis year’s BLR Pay Budget Survey is practically a replay of last year’s survey with 17.9% (16% last year) of employers awarding merit increases of up to 2.5% (averaged across all employee types). And, 41.8% (42.5% last year) are awarding increases between 2.51% and 5%. Another 4.1% are awarding increases from 5.01 to 10% of base pay, and a mere 1.6% are awarding more than 10% merit increases in 2016.

2017 Merit Increases

A mere 8% of survey participants have decided and/or approved their pay budgets for 2017, leaving 92% undecided as of the end of May. Of those who have decided, on average across all employee types, 12.3% of employers expect to offer merit increases of up to 2.5% and 39.1% plan 2.5-5%.

For a complete analysis of the survey data, go to Compensation.BLR.com.

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